"Whatís up is down and whatís down is up!" That was the mantra of the Clinton / Gore Campaign in 1992. Since then it couldnít be truer than it is today. We have seen a complete scrambling of morals and a complete reversal in what is viewed as right and wrong. Schools are teaching classes with schoolbooks titled "Heather Has Two Mommies" promoting homosexuality to elementary children. While at the same time "Smile! Your mother chose life.'' is being called hate speech in our colleges. Little boys are now making news for trying to kiss little girls. Moviemakers talking about making movies on how President Lincoln was as a manic depressive racist who nearly lost the American civil war. People believing that the "Bill Of Rights" does not restrict Government. I canít help but think I have been placed in a space ship and rocketed to another planet similar to earth only just plain wrong.

I think that the inability to stand up for what is right is the reason that so many things have been turned upside down. Also the lack of accountability plays an equal role in the slow motion demise of what once was a great country. I canít help but think that most of us have been so involved with our daily lives that we have not been paying attention. That combined with the culpability of the major broadcast networks can be blamed for the decline in this countryís morality. It is for that reason that I have added to my Editorial pages a News page. Read and enjoy the stories and I will do my best to keep you informed. All I ask of you is to help us right this country and put what should be up, up and what should be down, down.



Jim Gibb