As I sit here watching a T.V. news story that says terrorists are watching and waiting for the outcome of the upcoming election, here is a thought. What if the terrorists are the ones that are making those millions of small contributions to the Obama campaign? What if those same terrorists are registering to vote? What if those same terrorists are voting online, by mail or early voting? What if those same terrorists have made alliances with Democrats that are in control of voting across this country? What if terrorists are running, the taxpayer funded group known as ACORN?


Joe Biden, the Democrat’s Vice-Presidential candidate said, that terrorists and other countries are going to test Barack Hussein Obama within six months of his taking the oath of office. Why would anybody want that? Keep in mind the test on President Bush September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a small field in Pennsylvania. Why would we want to undergo a test of Barack Hussein Obama?  How many American lives would be lost in an attack to test Barack Hussein Obama? Would those lives be you or your family?


Now let’s look at the economy that the terrorists tried to hit with the attack on the WTC. Everybody who has tried to invest money so that some day they could retire took, quite a hit this month. What caused it? Some say that banks making loans to people who could not pay back them back. Some people say that the banks were forced by Democrat politicians and other radical groups. That makes sense to me when you stop and look who the Democrats keep courting (those of little or low income).


Every time I hear Democrats pushing socialist policies I shudder. Just last week we heard Barack Hussein Obama say to Joe the plumber that he wants to use taxes collected from people like Joe to spread the wealth to those less fortunate.


Now look at what Democrat politicians think of their constituency. Jack Murtha, Pennsylvania, said last week that voters in his district and in western Pennsylvania are racists. Then later he tried to apologize, “What I mean is, there's still folks that have a problem voting for somebody 'cause they're black.  This whole area years ago was -- was really redneck, particularly older people.  They're hesitant, they want change but they don't want to see things go too far.” Jack Murtha a true Democrat.


I remember a time when voting for a Democrat would not have put the country in jeopardy, but I was wrong. I voted for Democrat Jim Slattery and I voted for him because he was a Lifetime NRA member and his opponent was not. Slattery voted for the “Brady Bill” which nearly trashed the “Second Amendment of our U.S. Constitution”.  Before Congressman Slattery voted for the bill I called his office to ask him to vote against the “Brady Bill” and the person that I talked to said that the calls were running ten to one for him to vote against that bill. The person that I talked to said that there was no way that the Congressman would vote for the bill so I was shocked, betrayed and lied to by a Democrat.


So join me and vote a straight Republican ticket and save this country in so many ways.




Jim Gibb