I listen to all of this news about the economy. I hear about legislation that is thousands of pages that no one is reading. The government that is buying business because they donít want them to fail; this is all so wrong and absurd that it is unbelievable. Our President is hiring Czarís? Why when he has a cabinet? The Governor in California is printing IOUís to pay state workers and to pay debts.  Gee, will they accept these IOUís when it comes time to pay taxes? I wouldnít hold my breath on that one. This is so crazy it makes me wonder what the hell happened to the United States of America. What happened to freedom? This country used to be known for its freedoms! Who does our president think he is? He is President of the United States; not a king not a dictator, or is he? Unemployment is at a thirty year high. The Dow Jones has gone from around 14,000 to hovering around 8,000. 


So many of these problems could be solved with some very basic and simple things that our government can do: the first thing is to stop this spending craziness, fire all of the Czars, do away with all of the income taxes and start a nationwide sales tax, then do away with all of the restrictions on the energy producers. Also do away with the Federal Reserve and stop sending money to individual states. Only allow our Federal Government to spend money that will protect our borders and maintain our military. By doing these simple things it would be like putting a blow torch to a beaker of water. The economy would warm up the Dow Jones would take off like a rocket and most likely would be back to 14,000 + in about 3 months or less. 


Ok, that was a thought that will never happen as long as the Democrats are in control of the government. So here is what you can do and it is very simple support your local conservative Republican who will get us our freedoms back and right this country. Do not vote for a Democrat who talks conservative. I did that twice and got stung badly. When it came down to the wire of doing what they said and the reason that I voted for them they went with Democratic Party line. There is no such thing as a blue dog democrat but they want you to think so.


Health care does not need fixing, the government should not be running business, making loans to the private sector and there is no such thing as global warming all of these lies are one big scam that is taking our freedoms. Wake up now before we loose our country to these thieves.




Jim Gibb