Today we are at war, a war that we did not start. A war that has been going on since the radical Iranians attacked the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in 1979. The embassy was stormed and those inside that were not killed were held hostage for more than a year. Then President Jimmy Carter sat and did nothing, nothing except one failed attempt that he said that he personally directed from the Whitehouse. Carter lost the election to Ronald Reagan and before Reagan was sworn in the hostages were released. The reason that the hostages were released is that the hostage takers feared Reagan. They (the Iranian terrorists) thought that Reagan would wipe out Iran.


Later in Reagan’s term an airliner was blown out of the sky over Lockerby Scotland. Reagan found that a terrorist cell in Libya was responsible for the attack. Reagan ordered bombers from bases in England to attack the terrorist base in Libya. Terrorists backed down and didn’t want to mess with Reagan.


When Iraq invaded Kuwait then President George Herbert Walker Bush retaliated by asking the United Nations to act and when they failed Bush brought together a coalition that ended up freeing Kuwait from the grip of an evil dictator.


In the 1990’s while President Clinton was in office the World Trade Center was attacked and Clinton did nothing. The terrorists were getting a free ride. Terrorists also struck the U.S. troops in Somalia, the U.S.S. Cole and two other embassies’ in Africa. All Clinton would do is to launch some cruise missiles at an aspirin factory in Afghanistan.


When Osama Bin Laden’s cronies flew planes into the World Trade Center, into the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania President George W. Bush responded by announcing that war had been waged against the United States and that he was going to go after the “Evil Doers”. While in Afghanistan there was evidence that there was more than a mild link to Iraq. One of the links was Salmon Pac a small island on the Euphrates River that contained a fuselage of a 747 that was being used to train terrorists on how to attack and hold an airliner.  There was also evidence that a lot of funding was coming from Iraq. It was also discovered that Iraq was looking for yellow cake uranium to be used to make a nuclear weapon. Saddam had used chemical and biological weapons on his own citizens in northern Iraq and that was in violation U.N. sanctions that were levied to end the war over Kuwait. There were a total of more than 15 different U.N. sanctions against Iran that the U.N.  had no desire to enforce. So after the U.N. failed to act President Bush brought together his own coalition and went forward and attacked Iraq winning the war over the Iraqi Military.


Our military is working now on winning the peace fighting foreign terrorists in Iraq. Afghanistan just had their first free election and is moving into their own place in the world of free nations. Iraq will be joining next January and the two will be the light of freedom in this new millennium. That is if President Bush wins this election and continues the fight for freedom and the protection of these United States.



Jim Gibb