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With Thanksgiving Day this year a thing of the past, I thank God for letting me live my life in a country that was founded on principals. I look at the land and the people that have made this America and I pray that they will see as do I, a country that was founded on the word FREEDOM! I also pray that my fellow citizens realize that the documents that are the corner stone of our government are not ignored as a worthless piece of trash but living documents that hold the truths today as they did when they were written.

Our legislators in Washington D.C. were not sent there to read the latest poll. They were sent there to do what is right. They were sent there to govern and to pass laws that are within the restrictions of the "Bill of Rights". The "Bill of Rights" is the corner stone of the United States Government it lays out the restrictions in which the Legislative, the Judicial and the Executive branches must obey.

As we prepare to go into the Christmas Holidays when we worship the birth of Christ, The Son of God. I pray that the laws of this land will be followed to the letter. Christ taught us the value of laws. Christ also taught us that we should give unto Caesar what is Caesars. Since this is a land of laws I think that it is time for we as Christians to ask our representatives to give us the rights granted in the "Bill of Rights". We shouldn't stop there either. Our Constitution provides for removal of officials who violate the oath of office and abuse the power of that office.

Newspapers across the land are calling for a compromise on the impeachment of Bill Clinton. The compromise offered is for censure. This is wrong and is not provided for in the Constitution of the United States for the President. The censure is not even a slap on the wrist. All he has to do is to go to the well on the house floor and admit wrongdoing. Others propose holding the charges until he leaves office and then prosecuting him, this too is wrong. President Bill Clinton has a trail of friends and associates from the past a lot of whom are dead or in prison. Who could say how many people that would be brought to testify would still be alive in two years when he leaves office? Besides who could say that he wouldn't just take over the government and just decide to stay at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, forever!

On this Thanksgiving Holiday of 1998-I give thanks that we Americans still have a representative government. I can only pray that our elected officials will do the right thing and clear the executive branch of all the rotten limbs.

I also pray that we stop pardoning Turkeys! Those with feathers and without!


Jim Gibb