I am one American who is outraged about how our politicians and news media blow out of proportion the treatment of those individuals who are being held by our armed forces in Iraq.   What we have seen, so far, has been mild harassment and not torture.  To me, the news media is being more destructive than anyone realizes. Now, there is rumor that more pictures and video of the so called abusive treatment are still to come.  I would like for the media and the politicians to wait until all of the pictures are in and the investigation is finished before making public comment; and, that includes President Bush.  To accuse these soldiers before being brought to trial is making a mockery of our judicial system and everything that this country stands for. Only when these individuals are found guilty of wrong doing should they be given the punishment prescribed by law. How can we guarantee those accused Americans a fair trial?  What ever happened to the chain of evidence? How do we, as Americans, know if those pictures that we are seeing in the media are real or doctored? How do we know that the people in these pictures are U.S. service personnel?  Some have been allegedly identified, but what about those photos yet to come? 


It would be fine with me to hear about these events after the war is over and our troops are home. It is my opinion that if we support our troops, we should trust that they are doing what they trained to do. If we support our troops, we must support our military justice system (NOT THE UNITED NATIONS) and support the laws of our military.

I am one American that will not be making judgments of our troops and will be trusting that justice will be done in OUR military courts, without political sway.  I will be watching, very closely, the politicians and making my comments here.


Supporting Our Troops,



Jim Gibb