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Well here we go again!! Remember if you didn't vote this year then your absence sent Bill & Hillary into the White House for another 4 years. There are some really good things that can come from Clinton's Re-Election. Here are just a few:

More impending charges of the Clinton's? Fox News is quoting White House Aids as saying that they expect a flurry of charges against Hillary Clinton.

This week (December 21, 1996) the Democrats are calling for Newt Gingrich to step down as Speaker Of The House for ethics improprieties. How can the Democrats do that when there are by the Democrats own definition felons living in the White House. Remember Watergate? It was the Democrats that nailed Nixon supporters for trying to steal just one file from the Watergate Hotel in Florida. Excuse me!!! There are news reports of 900 files in custody of White House staff.

What about the Democrat's money raising or should I say money laundering. The Chinese Communist Government gave by proxy $450,000 American Dollars, that we know about, to the Democratic National Committee. Remember Nixon said after Watergate that he had reason to believe then that there were illegal foreign campaign contributions being given to the Democrats in 1972. I expect the Democratic Party to fall like a house of cards.

I haven't even mentioned the Clinton Defense Fund, Mena Arkansas drug running, Paula Jones, Vince Fosters death, Hillary's $100,000 stock profit on an investment of only $10,000 in just 5 days. How about the Democratic National Committee allowing an overnight stay in the Lincoln bedroom for a contribution of $100,000. You can find more by checking my Conservative Links page.

We have seen over the last 55 years the slow motion overthrow of our government. Where hard work would have assured you a future with retirement. Where you could start a business without having to follow government guide lines. Where the only laws that you had to worry about were the ones that would protect you and your fellow man equally.

Write your Congressman let him know that you love this Country and it's Constitution and that you want an investigation to either prove or disprove the allegations made against President Clinton. Let's get it done.


Jim Gibb