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The Social Security Administration has decided it will no longer support alcohol or drug abuse. What?? What is our government doing supporting alcohol and drug abuse? Who voted for the support of alcohol or drug abuse? Our dollars for Social Security that the government has been taking for the last 60 years has been supporting alcohol and drug abuse? That means that our government has been by proxy giving money to drug dealers and sprit vendors.

This information came to light last week on WIBW TV here in Topeka. In a news story they aired they pointed out the need for increased security at Social Security Offices here in Kansas. The need because of the possible violence when Social Security stops making payments to those who abuse alcohol and drugs .

Excuse me! Are we needing security officers to stop grandma and grandpa from stomping someone's butt to the floor! Who are these people that the government is so afraid of? Well according to officials it is not gramps and granny. It is others that the government has let into the Social Security Treasure Chest.

Now lets think about the lives that have been ruined by the government supporting drug and alcohol abuse. If those people hadn't been getting a check to buy drugs and alcohol they might have led a happy and productive lives. We, that is you and me, paid for the destruction of the lives of those who couldn't kick the habit.

Now lets think about that check and the administration that was set up to distribute those checks. We pay for the buildings, office furniture, computers, pens, paper clips, copy machines, faxes, etc. etc. etc. Have you got the idea now? Just how much does it cost to write a check for $1,500.00 a month for each person over 65 years of age?

Now that I have you thinking, what about the other social programs the our government is sponsoring, such programs welfare, student loans, etc. etc. etc. How many lives are being ruined ? Our country is suffering from a debt that is growing faster than any human can count. It is time that all of these programs except Social Security be stopped completely and stopped, now! Close the offices sell the buildings and contents.

Social Security should be restructured to cover only those who have paid into it more than 50 years. Social Security should not pay for dependents only those who paid into the system.

Now before you think I have lost it, think about this:

Social programs that help the needy are and should always be done by the Church. Our government was set up that way, that is why Church's are tax exempt.

What about those who would break the law such as steal, hijack, terrorize or by other means force the government to support them? I suggest three strikes and your dead! When a person is brought to trial for a felony and has served two sentences upon his third conviction be death.

Did you know that about 25% of the money you use to make a purchase is used to compensate for theft? That doesn't even include the money that we have to spend in taxes to house those thieves.

I work very hard and live buy the laws of this country and I expect others to do the same. Let's unite behind those who will help rewrite the laws that will give America back to the working man.


Jim Gibb