I woke up at 8am CDT Tuesday September 11, 2001 and as I always do I turned on the TV to Fox News, John Scott was showing live video of the first tower of the World Trade Center burning. I could not believe my eyes. As he was broadcasting and telling us that one plane had hit the building we saw another plane hit the second tower. I watched in amazement and could not believe that what I was seeing was real. Mr. Scott commented that what were seeing was live and that yes indeed there had been a second plane hit the other tower.  Then less than an hour later a third plane hit the Pentagon in Washington DC and a fourth plane had crashed in Pennsylvania.   


World War 3 is now here and the enemy is Evil, those who support terrorists are Evil and those who oppose terrorists are allies. The attack on the World Trade Center was without question an attack on civilized man. The animals that committed this horrible deed are now with Satan burning in hell. They claimed to have died in the name of their God, which must be Satan since the God of the civilized man does not condone the taking of innocent lives. With that said what are we going to do about it? That is the topic of this editorial.


Now almost two weeks later we are all discussing what should be done to prevent more of these attacks. Some are worrying about loosing freedoms and others are becoming more willing to give up their freedoms. Some have proposed a national identification card; this makes me think of Nazi Germany, “papers please”. Others propose finger printing the entire population. Some even want face recognition cameras posted on every street corner. What really gets me is that some are advocating DNA identification registering. Come on people, what is the one thing that all of these share in common? Computers! If there is one thing that everyone should know is that computers are hack-able. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Having worked with computers for a number of years I know the forever-true rule, which is this “No matter how much you know about computers there is someone who knows more.” You can be as innocent as a newborn babe and someone who knows computers and has the drive to break into a computer can change your life forever. Also knowing that an experienced hacker could not only change one life but thousands with a simple hack. This is the danger that we should all be aware of and should fight to keep this from happening. If we turnover this kind of policing to computers we will loose the battle and Evil will win.


So what should we do? We need to get back to the basics.


  1. Find a church that you like and attend. (I go when God tells me.)
  2. Pray daily and always be thankful that you live in these United States.
  3. Get to know people in your neighborhood.
  4. Become involved when you see a crime being committed report it to police.
  5. When you hear of a crime-taking place notify others so they can be aware.
  6. Be watchful in your neighborhood and at work if something looks suspicious investigate it or have someone investigate it for you.
  7. Teach your children. Explain to them their importance in the community and teach them what they need to know to be a good citizen. Most importantly the “Bill of Rights” and the God fearing people who wrote it and the thousands throughout the years who have given their lives to preserve it.
  8. Wave the flag proudly and say the pledge of allegiance at least once a day. (You’ll be surprised how good this makes you feel.)
  9. Support those who support our Constitution, the flag, our military, our police and firemen.
  10. Take the time to be friendly to those people that you meet and try not to be in such a hurry.



President Bush has said that our rights as citizens will be preserved and that the U.S. Constitution like our government is still in tact. I for one believe him.


One weapon that we have to fight terrorism is our “Bill of Rights” we will know that the terrorists have won the war if we loose any one of those freedoms. So write your Congressman or Congresswoman and let them know that you will not stand for the loss of any of our freedoms. If loose even one of the rights then the terrorists have already won and we can look for more attacks on this land and its citizens to become slaves.


I for one will not stand for the loosing of any of our freedoms. I am very proud to be an American.



Jim Gibb

Ps. Red Skelton a very popular American saw the pledge this way.