Almost everyone has an opinion on Gun Control. OK here is mine! I believe that we should follow the lead of the Liberals on this issue.

The Liberals believe that everyone should have housing and if they don't the government will provide. The Liberals believe that everyone should have an education and if they don't the government will provide. The Liberals believe that everyone should have food and if they don't the government will provide. The Liberals believe that everyone should have health care and if they don't the government will provide. The Liberals believe that everyone should have their own transportation and if they don't the government will provide. The Liberals believe that everyone should have , you fill in the blank, and if they don't the government will provide. That is pretty much how the Liberals feel about the government.

On Gun Control this is where I think everyone should take the liberal view. That is this! If everyone does not have a gun don't worry the government will provide. What a great way to force responsibility on to the public.

Now with that view must come the reinstatement of the Death Penalty. For without the Death Penalty human life will be cheaper than it is now. I am not talking about the Death Penalty for first degree murder but all murder that does not fit the definition of self defense or accidental.

Prison should be no haven for those found in violation of the law. Those now serving a life term would have one last appeal for freedom and if they fail they would face the death penalty. No prison term should be longer than seven years. Repeat offenders would face the death penalty after the third offense. There would be no plea of insanity. It is time that the government start placing a greater value on society than the lives of the criminal. No more of these endless appeals.

Back to the gun control issue. When I was growing up on our Kansas farm my father taught me the importance of the proper handling of a firearm. In his teachings he taught me the dangers of a firearm. He gave me my first rifle at the age of seven. I remember Dad spending hours with me teaching me how to aim, fire and clean my rifle. Dad always said, "Never point it (the firearm) at anything you don't want to kill." If he said that once he said it a million times.

After practicing for hours and shooting more than 500 rounds over about a month. I got to take my first shot at game. That year we had a lot of trouble with rabbits eating up our garden, so Dad and I sat on the back porch waiting for those critters to show. "There's one!" Dad whispered. Yes there was a big rabbit maybe the leader. That rabbit was standing on his hind leg's looking right at us. The rabbit was close about fifty feet away right at the edge of the yard. Dad said, " Are you ready to take your shot?" I then raised the rifle to my cheek and took aim. Dad said, "Wait, he's too close." Dad then picked up a rock and threw a rock at the rabbit. The rabbit then began running. Dad said, "Now shoot him!" While the rabbit was moving out as fast as he could run I fired one shot hitting the rabbit in the back of the head killing it instantly. Dad said proudly, "Good shot!!" We then went over to look at the kill. I never will get over how sad I felt about killing that rabbit. I swore that I would never kill anything unless it was trying to kill me or unless it was to eat.

The lessons about guns I passed onto my daughter. When she was seven I got her a rifle. I remember teaching her the fine art of marksmanship, as my Dad had taught me. It paid off too. I was working at the time as a Dispatcher / Deputy Sheriff and carried a 38 cal. Detective Special as my off duty weapon. I had left the pistol on a chest of drawers in my room using my handcuff's to secure the weapon. I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom when I heard my daughter and one of her friends enter my bedroom. My daughter's friend said, "Look there is a gun let's play with it!" Tonya (my daughter) snapped back and said, "No!!! Dad always keeps his guns loaded all of the time." They never touched the gun and left the room. I had taught my daughter well. My daughter had learned not only the proper use of a firearm but the precious gift of life.

The Second Amendment says "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the Right of the people to Keep and Bear Arms, shall not be infringed." So when you take a look at our Constitution keep in mind that it was written by men with a high sense of family values. It was written with the intent that freedom is a responsibility not only to God and Country but also to the family. So YOU teach your children about how great this country was and still is. You teach your children responsibility, honesty and courage to live right. Don't let your children look for a role model!! You be that role model!! Try it! It will make you proud.

This Thanksgiving Holiday lets give thanks to God and the Founding Fathers of this great land.

That's My Opinion,

Jim Gibb