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On this Veterans Day we need to thank every Veteran for our freedom. The men and women of our armed services who made the sacrifice. Especially those who lost life and limb.

When I think about the events of the last few weeks. When I watch the various war movies being shown on TV this weekend. I can't help but think about the ill-fated campaign of Bob Dole. Here was a Veteran that faced the Nazi's in Italy. He was wounded while saving the life of his radioman. He fought back incredible odds to regain the use of his body. He had served 5 terms as Senator from Kansas. He then endured one of the most vicious attacks from the news media in his latest campaign for President. Then after the election was over and lost, he was still being pounded with attacks from such comics as David Letterman.

On Friday night November 8th Dole was a guest on the Letterman Show. Dole answered the questions with great grace and skill. Dole's appearance on the show was the highlight of the week for Letterman. Appearing after Dole was Ted Koppel commentator for ABC's Nightline. Koppel made a comment that has prompted me to write this. Koppel said of Dole's humor, "Too bad we couldn't have seen more of that during the campaign." EXCUSE ME!! When I worked as News Director here I had interviewed Dole a number of times. Dole has always had a good sense of humor. If we weren't seeing that side of Bob Dole it was because the News Media wasn't showing it to us. Why doesn't that surprise me?

Having worked in the media as a Newsman, Radio Announcer and Night Club Entertainer I realize that it does take a bigger than life ego to be successful. I have however always felt that if one has to build their ego on the backs of someone else then their success will be short lived. Of all the years I watched Johnny Carson I never saw Johnny pile on someone when they were down. Someone needs to tell Letterman that most states have a winner take all when it comes to electoral votes. If I were a vice-president of CBS I would be looking for a replacement for Letterman and it wouldn't be O'Brian. I would also be real concerned about my network being called the Clinton Broadcasting System, if I was running CBS. As far as the News Media in general I would dump anyone of my News people who would play a role in a comedy skit. The News Media should be held in high esteem. It wasn't until after Walter Cronkite left CBS did he ever do a comic skit. Like I said the News Media should be held in high esteem. The only way that will happen is if they earn it! You can also say the same thing about the Presidency.

So this Veterans Day let's salute that Army Lieutenant from Kansas that later served his state in the Senate and ran for and lost his bid for President, Bob Dole.

That's my opinion,

Jim Gibb