I have been getting e-mail asking my take on the elections. So here it is! After hours of cussing the commentators and others like Ross Perot , David Letterman, Jay Leno, etc. etc. I set back and looked at how uneasy the commentators were with the election. What did they have to be upset about? After all their guy won! Why is David Letterman still doing Bob Dole jokes a full day after the elections? Is Letterman hurting that much for material? If the rolls had been reversed and Letterman was a Republican we would have heard comments from the Democrats such as " Sore Winners?" "Kick a guy when he's down eh!" etc. etc...

It wasn't until I started looking closer to what happened election night. Let's look at Florida for example. If Perot hadn't been in the race Dole would have won Florida. If you look at almost every state Clinton won, Perot took the difference that would have given Dole the win.

Now think about this! People who voted for Dole and Perot are people who believe character is an issue. When you look at it like that, America still thinks character matters. Now lets take that thought one step further and when you take that step you find more investigations and impeachment.

Why didn't Dole gain more votes? One reason was his age. Another reason was the fact that Dole has been considered a political insider. While being an experienced politician is a plus inside the belt-way, outside the belt-way it is a curse. Here in Kansas Dole got reelected like other politicians in other states he did what was right for Kansas.

In my opinion what hurt Dole was the Brady Bill. Dole was one of the last Senators to leave the Senate floor and could have killed the bill by asking for a quorum, most of the Senate had already left for Thanksgiving Vacation. Dole has always been known as being a deal maker that hurt him a lot. As a voter I don't like politicians who compromise values that I hold dear. I do think that as President, Dole would have let his true Kansas side show and would have stopped playing the deal maker.

I was one of those few Republican News Reporters in the 1980's. I have interviewed Dole. He was always sharp and very well informed. From what I know about the Senator he would have been a very good President.

As I stated in the beginning the commentators seemed uneasy about the election. It wasn't until after Jim Ryun (famous Olympic miler) won the 2nd Congressional Seat for Kansas that the whole thing hit me. WE really WON! Ryun's opponent (a woman, trying to slam Ryun) had said that he (Ryun) believed that "women shouldn't have to work outside the home". My wife said "I wish I didn't have to work outside the home!" That comment brought two things into focus. One; Look how out of touch the Democrats are! Married women don't want to have to work outside the home to make ends meet. When a married woman works outside the home it should be because she wants to. Not because she has to. Two; Republicans have been saying all along that it is your money and that taxes are to high. Why is that so hard for Democrats to understand?

Now for the one thing that I really don't understand. There were 5% fewer voters than there were in 1992. What happened? Should there be an investigation? I talked to the people at my polling place. They said that there were 3 times as many voters than there were in 1992. I can't believe that with Bill Clinton making as many people mad there would be fewer voters. With a President like Bill Clinton could there be election fraud? If character wasn't an issue that question would never arise.

The one thing I would like to see is the War Powers Act repealed. Having a President with character in question and a law like that on the books is a nightmare. I will talk more about that another time.

The one very comforting thing we should take pride in is that the freshman Congressmen are of a higher quality than we have ever sent to Washington DC. At least the ones from Kansas! Look for more great things to come from the Kansas delegation.

Here is something kinda funny. Republican's kept control of Congress without a "Contract With America" from Newt. Who is the News Media going to make the villain? After all Newt was pretty much in the background.

Well there you have it! I hope it helps. I know it isn't going to be easy looking at 4 more years of life with Bill and Hillary in the Whitehouse. But just maybe there is a Santa Clause coming this Christmas. Only time will tell! We need to keep the faith! Keep the faith in the Constitution Of The United States Of America. Keep the faith in our fellow Countryman. Keep the faith in God.

Sincerely God Bless America!

Proud to be a Kansan,

Jim Gibb