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This year hasn't been that bad really. OK, so we lost the Presidential Election. We won back Congress. Here in Kansas we also got more Conservatives in Congress. We lost two moderate Republicans in the Senate, Dole & Kassebaum, and have good Conservatives in Roberts and Brownback. I think politically we did OK.

I do think we will need to stay on top of the Clinton administration. This week (December 30, 1996) the Clinton administration began it's attack on the 10th Amendment to the Constitution which gives the states the right to govern. California and Arizona have passed laws allowing the use of Marijuana for medicinal treatments. These laws state that Marijuana be given only by prescription of a physician. This is not legalizing pot as the Clinton administration would have you believe. This is under a Doctors care. What is really under attack is the Constitution of the United States of America. Didn't he take an oath to up hold that document?

More good news! California has voted on and passed some extraordinary good legislation. The bad news is that it is being held up in the courts. The good news is that the Judges holding it up are in violation of their oath of office and can be removed by legal means and prosecuted.

More good news! The News Media is finally catching on to what is happening. Example the Fox Network just started up their cable news channel. Their motto : "We report. You Decide. " It is about time that someone state the purpose of freedom of the press.

More good news! Voter fraud has been discovered in the California District currently represented by Bob Dornan. Dornan. may have found enough fraud to have reason to ask for another election. If voter fraud is evident in California will the U.S. Congress call for an investigation of possible election fraud in the Presidential Election? The Electoral College has yet to cast their vote. Will they vote for Clinton? Will Congress approve the election of Clinton/Gore? What other Amendments will the President attack? What rights will we loose next? Will Congress take away the power of the Presidential Directive? These questions and many more will be answered in 1997!


Jim Gibb