There they go again. The press, the faithful watch dogs of the Democratic Party, are attacking Republicans about fund raising. Apparently with the death of Charles Kuralt died the integrity of the News Media. Where is the outrage about the Clinton abuses and illegal activities? I remember when Clinton first took the oath of office. I thought then that even though I disagreed with him politically he would uphold his oath of office. As it seems to me there have been a very long list of abuses: Paula Jones, Death of Vince Foster, Waco, File Gate, Travel Gate, John Huang and more. Where is the press? Why aren't they investigating? In the report about the alleged wrong doing by the Republican Party they said, "a CBS investigation revealed......", where is CBS on Clinton? There is more than enough to start an investigation. If just 10% of the allegations are true, there is enough for impeachment.

As far as allegations about political funding let's look at John Glenn's debt of $3 million from his 1980's failed bid for President? Why do the banks keep rolling over on his debt? Where is CBS on Glenn? Why doesn't CBS investigate Glenn? President Bush (on whom CBS did a so-called investigation) is not now in office and has no power over his constituents, Glen does!! Is it just me or does CBS have their priorities screwed.

Not only is the press going off the deep end trying to save their party but just last week, the main pin of the News Media, Ted Turner suggested that we change the nation's anthem. I really think that Ted has been watching to many re-runs of "Barbarella" and is ready for the rubber room and a very special dinner jacket.

If these events do not tell us something about what the elite are trying to do to our country, then what does? Keep in mind that these are the same people that are trying to do away with the "Bill Of Rights" and re-write the Constitution.


Jim Gibb