Keep up the fight Al! Yes, I am one Republican that wants Al Gore to keep fighting; it is not for the reason that you think. News reports are showing that Mr. Gore is driving up his negatives by continuing his fight. These negatives are not only Gore’s but also the entire Democratic Party. Some Democrat friends of mine have told me that they are dropping out of the Democratic Party and switching to the Republican Party. When I asked them why the switch the reason given most consistently was Al Gore’s attempt to take the White House as the final straw. These good Democrats some former retired union members, some life long Democrats with a very strong religious background all told me that the time to switch was now. All were in agreement that the Democrats were no longer standing for what was good with this country but instead felt that the Democrats were tearing apart this great country.


I had been worried about the Republicans loosing Congress in 2002 but with our pal Al, I think we can keep that too. These court actions and attacks are not only aimed at the Florida Secretary of State but election officials in many of the Florida counties most of which are Democrats.


Bill Clinton was successful in getting a Republican Congress even though that was not his plan. Yes, Clinton/Gore has been very successful in destroying the DNC. Al Gore is not an innocent bystander in the Clinton/Gore administration either. Gore tried raising funds from within Government offices; a violation of federal law, when Gore was approached about this he responded by saying there was no controlling legal authority. When Gore was approached about taking money from Buddhist Monks in Arizona he responded by saying that it was not a fundraiser.  Accusations have also been made that Gore ordered the burning of a New Mexico forest near Los Alamos to cover the theft of a drive that allegedly contained nuclear secrets. It was no secret that Bill Clinton and Al Gore pushed through the sale of high tech computer equipment to the Red Chinese. 


So with that in mind keep up the fight Al and soon there won’t be anyone who wants to be a Democrat.



Jim Gibb