The Senate Investigations are now underway into the selling of influence by the Democrats. I think back to 1973 and the Watergate Hearings. I had no trouble watching the Watergate hearings. I remember that it seemed like it was on every channel. I really had to look for TV coverage of the hearings regarding the peddling of influence. In case you haven’t found it Fox News is broadcasting these hearings.

When I think about the Watergate Hearings I remember thinking, "Why would a President risk his job that way?" The reason that Nixon gave was that he believed that they (the Democrats) were getting money from foreign interests. Like an over zealous cop trying to make a good drug bust, Nixon left office over a simple break-in and the following cover-up.

Testimony has been heard that Vice President Al Gore has accepted money from the Monks in Arizona who got their money from China. The VP has even admitted to making calls from his Government Offices to solicit funds for the D.N.C. (Democratic National Committee). Both of these actions are in violation of Federal Law! The Constitution states that a sitting President or Vice President can be impeached for violating a abuse of power while in office.

President Clinton’s long time friend John Huang was a fund raiser for the D.N.C. and was given his job with the Commerce Department, appears to be the straw that will bring down the Clinton administration.

I wonder why these recently elected Republicans don’t throw these Communist Democrats OUT! I can only guess that they are working like a professional termite exterminator. They must not only go after all of the little wood crunchers but the big fat well-embedded governmental tics buried deep and sucking our government and our country dry.

Our government is a representative government and as long as they do the bidding of their constituents we will be served. So make your thoughts known to your Members of Congress and do it today. Let’s work within the system while we still have a system.

I really think that when all is done that history will show President Nixon to be one of this country’s greatest Presidents. Nixon in 1973 sounded the alarm that our country was being sold by the Democrats. Our news media failed to hear the bell.


Jim Gibb