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Welcome to my Editorial page, since 1995 this is where I express my opinion and it should not be thought to be anyone’s opinion but my own. Anyone who thinks that my opinion is that of any past, current or future employers may or may not be correct, if it is true that this just shows the good sense they have. My opinion is derived from my life experiences; please read and enjoy.

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With the Democrats in power the rules are gone and Republican have no voice. Click play on this and just listen.





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Hard Target

bulletTable of Contents
bulletOne Nation Under God
bullet5th Anniversary of September 11,2001
bulletThe greatest deterrent ...
bulletLosing Focus
bulletJustice for All!
bulletHawaii False Alarm
bullet"The New Yorker"
bullet"The Axis of Idiots"
bulletThe economy looking better?
bulletVegas Shooter
bullet2004 Super Bowl
bulletFox News Sunday March 18, 2012
bulletIt' Freedom
bulletRight of assembly?
bulletSeptember 11,2003 the War continues.
bulletKeep up the fight Al
bulletThe War On Terror.
bulletA man and his dog.
bulletA Leading Democrat
bulletDump Durbin
bulletA Long Bout with Clintonism.
bulletThe War!
bullet2018 Exonerated President Nixon
bulletSalute Bob Dole.
bullet30 Days to Election '08
bulletWhat if?
bulletTaxes at work?
bulletSupport Our Troops!
bulletSystem working?
bulletA new year!
bulletCut & Run?
bulletSchool Shooting
bulletThe poll brings e-mail.
bulletMedia TOTALLY Off the Rails
bulletCommentary on the Pledge
bullet Happy Holloween
bulletSummit ?
bulletShot down!
bulletTopeka TEA Party 2010
bulletProud to be an American.
bulletHere we go 2008!
bulletEaster 2003
bulletVote For Bush
bullet3 Greats
bulletWho you gets your vote?
bulletWeb Self-Registration Form
bulletRush Limbaugh Addiction
bulletSecret Service Viewpoints
bulletThe Patriot
bulletThe Democrats did this!
bulletRight to choose?
bulletA simple pledge!
bulletIt is about damn time!
bullet You might be a TRUE AMERICAN if:
bulletEvil can be stopped with freedom, prayer to God and a gun.
bulletClinton Legacy
bulletWhat’s up is down....
bulletI will be watching!
bulletGun Control?
bulletWake-Up NOW!
bulletTurkey Day!
bulletGun Control
bulletThis year “Freedom” is the key word.
bulletOur Constitution just suffered a heart attack.
bulletThe Los Angeles bank robbery.
bullet4th of July 2002
bulletI haven't written for a while.
bulletAnybody care?
bulletMedia Dogs?
bulletIllegal Immigrants
bulletYou asked for it!
bulletWith freedom we can stop the wickedly evil. 
bulletA new nightmare?

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