I was surprised that Trent Lott resigned as the Senate Republican Leader today, December 20,2002, however I am not disappointed.  I felt that when he decided not to pursue Bill Clinton’s impeachment after the House had presented enough evidence to convict anyone else that he did not have what it takes to lead the Republicans anywhere. His comments at the Strom Thurman 100th birthday were just enough to unite his critics.


Now is the time for the Republicans to select a leader that will unite all of the party, all races that believe our founding fathers fought for freedom from government oppression and for our Constitution. These Republicans in the Senate should take the lead of the Republicans in the House and realize that compromising their values is not the way to win friends or influence people. The days of “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” politics is over. We all are watching! There may still be some back room negotiations but compromises of principals are now over.


I expect the Republicans to elect a leader that will fight for the freedoms given all of us in the “Bill Of Rights”, especially during this time of war. 


Our enemies are trying to kill us and they aren’t afraid to kill themselves in the process. They despise our government and are jealous of our freedoms. They want our government to dispose with our freedoms in order to protect us from our enemies. It is in these times that we as freedom-loving Americans should unite, wrap ourselves tightly with the flag and hold closely the constitution. 


During the last 50 years of Democrat Party rule of Congress we have lost more freedoms and are paying more in taxes than ever before. I only hope that this Congress can work together to lower taxes and return our freedoms.



I know I will be watching!




Jim Gibb