Hard Target



I think that we need to make all schools hard targets. That means upping security. We have the technology that could monitor schools and could call police within seconds of the first shot fired. That same technology could identify where the shot was fired and would sound an automated voice message saying, “Active Shooting in progress take cover”.  That system combined with mandatory “Active Shooting Training” for ALL students and teachers would show what to do and not do during the event.

More ideas: Have a single point of entry with metal detectors and security officers to check bags. School issued photo ID cards that are linked to a school database. In the database would be the students class schedule stored so that officials would know at a glance if a student is out of place. School officials could lock out a student with a simple key stroke. Arming teachers who qualify and have training to carry on their person a concealed firearm. Teachers would also be responsible for their own “Conceal Carry Insurance”.  Most important is that Teachers who carry concealed keep that information confidential.

It is being reported in the news media that the Parkland school camera system was on a 20-minute delay which hampered law enforcement in finding the shooter. Having the camera system on real-time might have saved lives.  Now they are saying that the paid armed security officer stood outside the school and did not advance toward the shooter. Had the security officer been a teacher who was involved with the students it would have been easier for him to get involved. It requires a lot of courage to move toward a shooter but if that is your job that is what you do.

Keep in mind that all this technology is worthless unless databases from the federal, state, local and local schools are kept Up-To-Date with information on each student. Finally, all states should unmask Juvenile Criminals, so they can be included in these databases.

Giving up the Second Amendment or restricting it, not an option.


 Jim Gibb