The greatest deterrent to an adversary is the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Politicianís claim that a strong military is a great deterrent; it is the armed citizen that is the greatest threat to an invading enemy.  Military Historians quickly point out that the aggressors win when the citizens are unarmed.  Also in conflicts where the citizens are armed as they were in Viet Nam the aggressors were not victorious.  During Desert Storm what made the decision not to go after Saddam Hussein was the fact that he was surrounded by an untold number of plain clothes military, that and the fact that there were so many imposters posing as Hussein that it made him a difficult target. Saddam was a target until the cease-fire was signed.


We must prepare for the worst. It has been rumored that the Red Chinese have purchased top nuclear secrets with money to the Democratic National Committee. With a lot of the western United States public parklands and under government control and the state of California clamping down on assault rifles is there any reason we should not expect a west coast invasion? Think of this scenario it is a cold winter night 6am Eastern Time, the Red Chinese drop nukes on Washington DC, New York City, and some other east coast cites. Paratroopers drop into National Parks stopping the citizens from fleeing from the cities on the west coast. More than 5million highly trained Chinese soldiers hit the beaches of California. The boarder with Mexico, which was at one time letting people into the United States, closes tight not letting people retreat to Mexico. Roads are clogged with people fleeing east to the central U.S. The state of California surrenders in less than 24hours. People try retreating to Canada but thousands die from the cold. Our military has been spread so far away from home that they cannot get home to assist in the fight for our homeland. How long would it take for the United States to surrender depends on how effective groups like Handgun Control Inc. and the Democrats are.



Jim Gibb