It is all about freedom, freedom to own property, freedom to travel the country, freedom to say what you think, freedom to worship God and freedom to enjoy life.  What we have seen for the last 45 years of Democrat Party rule is the loss of those freedoms.  To speak a prayer aloud in a classroom or in a government office has been lost over the guise of separation of church and state, which has cost us the freedom to pray when ever and where ever we want to. Taxes of everyday increasing proportions have cost most Americans many of the joys of life.  The loss of speaking your mind in an open forum such as to accuse high-ranking office holders can possibly bring untold consequences and has in some cases.  The freedom to travel the country is now threatened with the rising cost of gasoline not to mention the additional cost of what it will bring to commerce.  The right to own property is effected by the loss of all of these freedoms and more.


                  If you think that loosing these rights is no big deal, then think again.  The Democrats are once again trying to pass more gun legislation that will put an end to all of the rights that we have left.  The caving to the Communist Democratic Party by Smith & Wesson (firearms manufactures) is just another step toward a total loss of freedoms that were given us in the Constitution.  By making trigger locks on guns will open Smith & Wesson to even more lawsuits.  The dirty Democrats talk about how lives will be saved with trigger locks but will not allow funding that would have the United Stateís Secret Service Agents instruct school administrators and teachers on how to spot a potential deadly student.


                  The Democrats want you to think about how trigger locks will stop youngsters from grabbing a gun and shooting someone.  They donít want you to think about someone breaking into your home threaten your life and the lives of your family and not being able to shoot because there is a stupid trigger lock on the gun.


                  Now gun makers should think about this: someone breaks into a home who has bought a firearm for protection it has a trigger lock on the gun and before he can get the lock off the head of household in his prime of life is killed by the intruder.  The intruder then removes the lock and kills the family that the head of the household was trying to protect.  What kind of damages do you think the trial lawyers will go for on that? They will argue that the lock was defective or of improper design but you know that the criminal will not be the only one held responsible. Do gun makers really want to fall into this trap?


                  If the United States gun makers are sued out of business who will make the guns for our military? Keep in mind that the United States came to the rescue in two World Wars and some smaller wars since then.  What has made us strong is the high quality of firearms and other armaments.  We should not allow the gutting of what has made America great and has kept the peace for so many years.


                  Freedom comes with a price and that price is responsibility. We should hold only those who commit crimes responsible and no others.



Jim Gibb