I haven’t written in a while because I think that I have said it all before. Now for the reason for the break in my silence, I have been watching, talking to and listening to everyone around me. I am impressed! Maybe it’s because I live in Kansas. If you have never been to Kansas the people here like a government who is non-intrusive, even those who have voted for members of Democratic Party.   Now try listening to those call-in radio talk shows broadcast across the nation; even those liberally hosted talk shows.  While the host may be liberal the people calling the shows are becoming more and more conservative.


At first I thought that we were finally getting through to the American people.  Instead, I think now that the DNC is getting to the American People.  What I mean by that is my fellow citizens are seeing through the shroud of lies, deceit and hate being promoted by the Democratic National Committee.  President Clinton’s greatest legacy to this country is the awakening of the people to the crime and corruption within the Democrat political spectrum.  It used to be less than ten years ago that most people thought that there wasn’t much difference between a Republican and a Democrat.  People are noticing that there is a difference and it is a big difference. My fellow citizens have awakened to the fact that character does matter.


I am looking forward to this next election and a better selection of candidates to choose from.  If you haven’t been looking at whom you are going to vote for start looking now.


Jim Gibb