This Easter Sunday (April 20, 2003) when we look back over the last few months we can see that this “War Against Terrorism” is truly good against evil. When you first look at the evil attackers what stands out is the fact theses terrorist want to kill and die for their god. 


         For those of you who have not been paying attention this war started with the taking on the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, Iran in 1977.  There have been other attacks against this country both here and abroad. Without question the people of America are the ones that said enough is enough. “The Evil Doers” that took over the airliners on September 11, 2001 could not have imagined the awakening of America or our resolve.


The Iraqi armed forces were the largest and most powerful force among the Arab countries. The Iraqi military is now no longer. In less than four weeks what is left of the Iraqi military is either in hiding, dead or has left the country. What this proves is a number of things:

 1. The regime of Saddam Hussein was that of a paper tiger, a gutless paper tiger that preyed on innocent civilians and conscripted children into service.

2. Some of those in the news media have shown their true stripes and are so political that they have hoped or in some cases tried to undermine our military in battling this war.

3. National Democratic Party leaders tried to assist Saddam and his regime by using stalling tactics. The National Democratic Party leaders were looking for political wins by opposing President Bush at every turn. They were the ones chanting as such things as “No Blood for Oil!” “Stop Bush’s War”, “Money for Schools (or jobs), Not for War!”

Seeing the oppression that the Iraqi people have been living under with the brutal control of Saddam. I only wonder how fast can the Democrats eat those words. How long will it be before the Democrats take off their political hats salute the President for a job well done and apologize for the negative comments during the walk up to and during the war?  Now how the Iraqi people are welcoming our troops as we now handout food and water and move toward a government that the Iraqi people can be proud of. How soon will the Democrats apologize to the Iraqi people?


To bring this to contrast, “The Evil Doers” would kill anybody for their God. “The Good” worship a God who gave his only son for our sins. To me that is quite a contrast, a contrast that is truly good verses evil.





Jim Gibb