I have always been of the belief that men and women should be treated equally. I believe that men and women should be paid the same for the same job.  I also believe that men and women should be on equal footing on any partnerships undertaken. I also believe that with those responsibilities in reproduction comes a certain amount of dedication. If you agree with me on this then let’s think about the current laws of our government permitting abortion. The woman has that right to select the option of abortion. Where is the man’s right to choose? Since it took both a man and woman to create this life shouldn’t the man have the same right the woman has to end that life?


Abortion rights advocates say that it is the woman’s body and she alone has the right to choose, this is where I disagree. The woman carries the life for only nine months while the man can be hit with expenses for that life for eighteen years. The government also hunts and tracks down deadbeat dads with all of the vigor of a murderer. So if the woman has the right to abort a life then why shouldn’t the man?


Women’s rights groups would be up in arms for a man to have the right to choose abortion would be just unspeakable. So then why is it that those same people who want a woman to have a right to choose death for an unborn child want a man to pay when a woman wants a woman wants to keep the child? Shouldn’t the man have the right to choose too?


Since the playing field on this topic is not level let’s level it. Give the man the right to choose to abort a child he helped create or end abortion and stop the killing of unborn children and stress the fact that life is the most precious gift.



Jim Gibb