I am getting so tired about hearing about Janet Jackson’s breast being shown during the half-time at the Support Bowl. Anybody that was offended by that wasn’t paying attention to the game. I counted at least six times when the quarterback of the Panthers said the “F” word, you couldn’t hear it but you didn’t need a 3rd grade education to tell what he was saying. There was nothing said about CBS having a face shot on him when he said the “F” word. Then there were the commercials, they were rude and crude. While I do agree that CBS is a major player in offending the decencies of the general American public I also think that this should have been expected. For the last 30 years the big three, (CBS, NBC, and ABC) have been on a race in attacking the average American sensibilities. The intent is to shock the public, this started with such shock jocks as Howard Stern and Don Imus years ago. The draw of a shock jock, is that people will tune in just to hear or see what they will do next. What the big three will soon learn is that we are all numb from all of the shock and are looking elsewhere for our entertainment. I for one, will be looking forward to Fox (who will be broadcasting the next Super Bowl) and I am hoping that Fox will restrain from following the big three (soon to be no longer known as anything).


I like football but most of the games fall into three categories. One is that the game is a runaway with one team stomping the other by running a good ground attack or a good passing game with no or very few interceptions. Two the defense is so good on both sides that no one really can make much yardage. Three the offense and defense are both good making the strategy the key to a successful game. Out of those three types of games I like the third the best. The major turn off for me about televised football is some of the chest pounding broadcasters who are more into themselves than they are into the game.


So with all of that being said I would rather see Janet Jackson’s breast (or some other svelte beautiful female) after every play rather than see the quarterback speak some expletive.  


Jim Gibb