Today’s (January 30,2001) news headlines are talking about President Bush’s proposal to give taxpayer dollars to those churches*, which provide services to the needy. In my opinion this is a direct of the violation of the spirit and the will of The United States Constitution. There shall be no state-sponsored religion! If a government giving money to a church* or a number of churches* isn’t sponsoring religion then what is?

Churches* are founded under a common belief and thinking. To say that any church* has to meet certain demands of the government in order to receive taxpayer money is absurd. Look at what this could mean to churches*. Churches* would have to provide bookkeeping records as to who gave to a church* and how much. It most likely would not stop there. With that in mind, in the years ahead is there any reason that we should not be concerned about the government taxing churches*. With the way that the Liberal or Communist Democrats are attacking Senator Ashcroft’s nomination to head the Department of Justice on the basis of his religious convictions can you imagine what church or religious organization they might grant taxpayer dollars to if they were in power? Who is to say that this Pandora box won’t mutate into something totally disgusting and dangerous?

 It is the same argument that I had about the state providing welfare. The only welfare that there should be, and has worked since before this country was founded, was the aid and assistance of the church. The government got into the welfare business in the 1930’s under FDR and now instead of having the guts to turn off the tap to state funded welfare our new president is giving money to the church’s to do the job that they (the church’s) should be doing now.

The worst thing for the country is that someone or some group of people in the government will be making the decision on which church gets the money.

Currently most Americans are having nearly 30% of their paycheck being held for various taxes. If Bush is interested in helping the churches* he should propose that the withholding taxes cease and that the IRS be put on a very short leash, if not totally abolished.

At this time I think that President G.W. Bush is being naive and very short sighted in making this proposal of giving tax dollars to churches*.


Jim Gibb

* What I mean here is any place or organization of any faith established or not.