This is one election that I did not write an editorial about politics one month prior to the first Tuesday of November.  Normally I would have been talking about some of the antics of the democrats and talking up the republicans. This year was a first, without my comments, the DNC has imploded falling apart from the inside.


I also know that some of my readers are in the hierarchy of the democratic and republican parties, the rest are like me. I am just an average voting American.


So what happened on November 5th?  America woke up!  Since 1995 I have been writing these editorials and it seems like finally more than ever people are seeing where we have been heading for the last 40 years. While I can’t take credit for the change I am glad it finally took place.


The democrats like the Romans under Caesar have collapsed from the weight of their own greed for power. From the first days of the Clinton administration people of character have been under open attack, not just those in the spotlight but the average working citizen. Before Clinton the working person was under a covert attack with Congress incrementally increasing taxes and stealing their freedoms. During the eight years of the Clinton administration laws were openly broken, we were lied to about the economy, about the threat on America, and Monica to mention just a few. 


What I felt was the straw that broke the back of the Democratic Party was the funeral of Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone. That funeral turned into a political rally that hurt the Democratic Party more than three hours of Republican Party advertising. If my children turned my memorial service into a political rally I would come out of the coffin and kick them in the pants. That service was well planned and went off without a hitch. To say that the Democratic Party had nothing to do with it is like saying that the world is flat. If my republicans had pulled something like that I would be one of the first to burn my voter registration card and register as a democrat.


Then to make matters worse former President Bill Clinton went to “rally the faithful” to urge the people to vote democrat for governor during a tribute to Congresswoman Patsy Mink who died in a hospital bed on September 28th during her election bid.


Well I think now America has got the picture of what the Democratic Party is all about. It is about greed, corruption, and whatever sticks.


What will be interesting to watch is how the republicans run the country. If they run it well we will see more people switching to the republican ticket. If they run it poorly we will see the birth of a new national party. Whatever happens I think that the Democratic National Committee is dead it died with they rally in Minnesota on Monday October 28, 2002 after a long bout with Clintonism and was buried November 5, 2002.


That’s my opinion.


Jim Gibb