Well the Democrats won Congress November 7, 2006.  Nancy Pelosi is the new House leader and has said that they (the Democrats) will raise the minimum wage, try to pull the troops out of Iraq, roll back the Bush tax cuts, and impeach President Bush. Not to mention the re-instatement of the death tax. That is what she and her comrades were saying before the election.


So look for the stock markets to tank, an increase of terror attacks here in the states, an increase in gasoline prices and less money to spend out of your paycheck. Those and more things will change with the new democrat faces in congress. So if you voted for the Democrats for a change what is wrong with you?


The Democrats were in charge of Congress for forty years prior to the Republicans taking over Congress in the 1990’s and it has taken all ten years for the Republicans to return freedoms granted in the Constitution back to its citizens.  


Look for the next two years of Bush’s presidency to be a spiral rollercoaster as we see the price of gas go back to the $3 a gallon or higher and taxes to return to the Clinton years highs. If you think that I am wrong just wait.


The one thing that we have to be thankful for is that President Bush really cares for our troops and we trust that he will do the right thing for their safety and honor. Even though Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has stepped down and Robert Gates has been appointed as his replacement. I think that our President will continue to do what is right for the country and try to keep the Democrats in check.  


My concern is what does this look like to the rest of the world? Already a lawsuit has named Rumsfeld and is seeking his criminal prosecution in alleged abuses at Abu Ghraib and Gitmo. Al Qaeda in Iraq mocks “Lame Duck Bush” and now war protests in Washington D.C. Our enemies want Americans dead by the millions. They don’t even care if they kill their own in attacks on America.


Now Hillary Clinton is calling for our troops to be out of Iraq by the time Bush leaves office. Incase you have forgotten, President Bush said that this war with terror will last far beyond his presidency, lasting at least a generation and stretching world wide and Hillary Clinton voted for it. Unlike any other war this is not a war against a country. It is against a movement that is trying to kill our lifestyle, it is a war against terror. This is a war for our survival.  


I know a lot of you who have read what I have written accuse me of stating the obvious and I am because not everyone is paying attention. I just want everyone to know that you are either for winning the war on terror or you are for us losing the war on terror. If you are for us losing the war you cannot be considered a patriot and should be considered a traitor and treated accordingly. This war is not political it will not just go away if we ignore it.


The war in Iraq is not just about killing terrorists it is about winning the hearts and minds of Iraqis’ and forming an ally in the region and giving the Iraqi people a government that will allow them to live the American Dream within their own country.




Jim Gibb

January 28, 2007