The Aurora, Colorado Theater shooting was one of the most preventable mass murders to ever take place in this country. Two things to stop anymore shootings like the theater massacre in Colorado: No more “Gun Free Zones” and more armor piercing ammo.  You do not have to go very far but the short drive to Littleton, Colorado and the Columbine High School. Both shootings were in buildings where guns were not allowed. At the school, in 1999, guns were not even allowed on school property. At both shootings the predators planned their attacks and obtained their weapons well ahead of their crime. What these criminal acts should teach us is “Gun Control” legislation that would infringe on the right to keep and bear arms provides absolutely no protection to the public. The proof of this is true by just looking at where these crimes took place. People who commit these types of attacks are cowards. The theater shooter threw a teargas grenade (when used by police are only used outdoors) into a crowded room of unarmed law abiding citizens (people that did not take firearms into an area where guns were not allowed by law).  What was seen next was pure evil. The shooter (protected by body armor and a gas mask) opened fire on unarmed and panicked fellow citizens. What happened after that were heroes tried to save those close to them and in several cases those people gave their lives to save others.

We only have to look to our own Constitution written 225 years ago and those who wrote it to find solutions to our problems today. Ben Franklin said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” There is currently a treaty before the United Nations that if ratified by our Congress would remove the right to own firearms. I think we should not give up our right to keep firearms (essential liberty) and should not depend on a government for our safety.

What scares me as much as a wickedly evil man with a gun is a politician trying to restrict our Second Amendment Rights. Simply said an evil man can destroy me, evil politicians can destroy my country. We can stop the politicians with our vote. With freedom we can stop the wickedly evil.  


Jim Gibb