In my opinion there are a number of reasons for the economy looking better and more jobs being available on this April 1st 2011. The reason is that President Barack Obamaís approval ratings are going down and support for him is taking a hit with some of his closer supporters putting distance between them. This is the opposite kind of activity that was happening after Obama won the election in 2009 then took office in January 2010. While some blame Bush for the down turn in the economy, it was the people who do the hiring and putting their money at risk in the market place that caused the downturn. The other part of the economy looking better is the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party taking more control of the Republican Party and making their presence known. The action concerning Libya has many wondering if Obama could be facing impeachment over his handling of this military action and this has some Democrats scrambling to take cover from fallout that could be coming their way.  With gas prices on the rise, Obamaís popularity is taking a major hit and will continue do so as oil prices climb.


So what could happen? I still think Obama could still save his presidency and the Democrat Party by telling the oil companies to ďDrill baby drillĒ open up oil leases on public lands, off the shores and in Alaska. I wouldnít hold my breath on that happening! The people pushing to stop the drilling still have the presidentís ears.


So what about Donald Trumpís idea about charging the oil rich countries for the cost of removing tyrants such as Sadam Hussein, Muammar Qaddafi and who ever Obama decides to attack next. You have to admit that Trump has been making more sense about his way of wanting to handle things than just about anybody. While I donít know much about his policies yet I do like the way he (Trump) has about being bold and forthright. I really donít see Obama turning into another Donald Trump. 


This is going to be a very interesting summer. What I would like to see is the president putting the needs of our country, the United States of America, first and foremost above anything. If he would do that he could be the best president this country has ever had. That will be very hard for him to do because he will have to tell his old friends to get lost and he will need to have a more open transparent administration. I donít see that happening either. In order to go to his website you have to enter your email address and zip code, what is that all about? What is organizing America all about? America is already organized and the world is about to find out.  America is about freedom and liberty, the rights of the individuals to run our country and not the country running over its citizens. Our Bill of Rights and our Constitution has been in place for two-hundred-thirty-five years and will be forever what has made this country great.  


But then again it is April 1st and the economy improving could be a big lie.




Jim Gibb