We conservatives are so screwed this election year. Senator McCain telling us that we shouldn’t point out that Barrack Obama’s middle name is Hussein; meanwhile Senator Obama is blaming conservatives over the cover of the “The New Yorker magazine.

I had always thought of “The New Yorker” as a liberal rag, so I went to the site thinking that there might have been an actual change and what I saw was an unflattering picture of John McCain. So are they now fair and balanced? I don’t think so. Why? They sure seemed to drop this picture in a big hurry, at least from their web site. The articles they are showing are things like how “How Chicago Shaped Obama”.  So let’s see what they do next. I would almost bet that “The New Yorker” will most likely have someone from Obama’s campaign sitting on the editor’s shoulder.

 So will McCain complain about the unflattering picture of him they put up? My guess is that he won’t say a word. What if he did would McCain try to sway them, it would make all of the wires that he was trying to undermine the freedom of the press.

 After hearing some of the comments from several talk shows today I have not heard anyone say that they look white. What do you think?

Our only salvation besides God will have to come from Congress this election year.

 Well there you have another one of my brief editorials.


 Jim Gibb