Media TOTALLY Off the Rails

The press has again gone off the rails and on Monday May 15th, 2017 the Washington Post had a news story, without naming sources, that may have put their White House press privileges at peril. For the Washington Post to write a story about sensitive information, if untrue, can be as damaging as much as if it were true. The one fact that we know is that the only press that was in the meeting was a Russian photo journalist. So, does that mean that there is a connection with the Washington Post and the Russians? Now, members of the media are wanting transcripts of the Trump meeting with the Russians in the Oval Office. This is crazy. A private meeting with a foreign power to be made public! It was a private meeting. Donald Trump won the election which means that is part of his job.


In my opinion President Trump is trying to work with Russia to defeat terrorism and forge a positive future.  Russian Diplomat Sergey Lavrov after a meeting with President Trump May 10th said that the Trump administration was “businesslike” and Lavrov was wanting to work with the U.S. On the other hand, President Obama and his administration used “dirty tricks”. We are now seeing that President Obama was not respected by our allies or enemies. The press had a love affair with Obama and are out to destroy Trump. What seems to be happening is that the press is so hard core against Trump they have lost their creditability as a news outlet.


Tonight the New York Times is now saying that former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation James Comey had notes President Trump said, “I hope you let this go” referring to the investigation of General Michael Flynn. If that is true then how does that work? Reportedly the notes were handwritten so how do we know when it was written? What about the congressional testimony of Acting Director of the F.B.I. Andrew McCabe who said that there have been no changes in investigations in question.


Why hasn’t Hillary Rodham Clinton been investigated for having an unprotected email server, Benghazi, Clinton foundations, etc.? Why isn’t the F.B.I am investigating the murder of Democratic National Committee Staffer Seth Rich? Why isn’t all the media asking these questions?


To me it just seems that the news media isn’t asking the questions the ones I want asked.




Jim Gibb

May 16,2017