This dustup with Syria over chemical weapons is a moot point. Our economy is shot, being more than $17 trillion debt. They say that we can launch several hundred tomahawk missiles and destroy Syria’s chemical weapons at more than $1.5 million dollars each missile.  That may have been the cost when they were purchased but what will it cost to replace them and can we? Not to mention that we might need them to protect Americans, remember Benghazi? We lost a consulate and Obama’s representatives said that it happened over an anti-Muslim video.  Where is the outrage over that? It has yet to be resolved and Republicans seem to be doing very little to get to the heart of that debacle. There are more, what about the NSA scandal (listening, watching and reading everything about everyone), the IRS scandal where the T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) party was targeted and denied tax exempt stats like most groups of that type.

What has Syria done to us? Our economy is being flushed down the toilet with the “Affordable Care Act” (aka Obama Care) which no one can afford. Student loans are being given (by President Obama) to students who cannot pay it back because there are not jobs (because of Obama Care). America’s future is being denied by a President who is refusing to allow the Keystone Pipeline to be put into place which would create jobs from Canada to the American Gulf Coast. Jobs that would be created by those who make the pipe, those who would bury the pipeline, those who would work the refineries that are in route to the gulf and that doesn’t even include the jobs that would be created by the lower cost of gasoline which would spark a big relief to the economy.  President Obama is also putting the brakes on drilling for oil and gas on public lands which could be used to fund the federal government and lower our tax burden.  In several states coal mining under President Obama’s EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is regulating the use of coal, which is used to create electricity, coal fuel producers are being shut down by those regulations.  President Obama has grown the food stamp program to more than double in size. These are just a few of the reasons why we (The United States of America) cannot be the world’s policeman.

Now that you have read this far you might be thinking that I am upset over President Obama but I am not. Anyone who was paying attention to the news and the debates before the last election will know he is being who he said that he would be. Now who I am really upset with are the Republicans who with the civil war in Syria are discussing using action in a country that is not posing a threat to our country. They should instead have brought, before now, articles of impeachment against our President Obama.  When I see Republicans come out of a meeting with President Obama and come out saying and acting like they just kissed the king’s ring it makes me feel like I am not being represented.


Jim Gibb