Illegal immigrants are those people that break the law to get into a country. Every country on this planet has immigration laws. Laws are the rules in the game of life. Government officials are just those officials making the calls and as I see it they are some of the ones breaking the law and doing an injustice to the oath that they took to uphold the law.


If law enforcement isnít taking names of companies encouraging and promoting this May Day Betrayal then we have no country and no place to turn to for justice. If I were an elected official that was allowing this to go on; I would take a look at American History and re-read the part of the American Revolution, the Texas / Mexican War and other times in our history when American Citizens took up arms to protect this country, itís Constitution and its laws.


So if you are an elected official or a law enforcement officer, stand up take the action that will put those breaking the law behind bars and stop the illegal invasion of this country. Without laws there can be no justice for anyone. Do not reward these illegal's by not upholding the law.


Changing the law to accommodate those who have broken the law is not an option and is a show of cowardice in the face of our enemies.


If you havenít noticed they have already re-written the ďStar Spangled BannerĒ, whatís next?  What are you waiting for?



 Jim Gibb