I am one of those conservatives that was not that excited about any of the seriously running Republicans including; Sam Brownback a native Kansan. That is until Fred Thompson started to run. I held great hopes that he could be someone who could make those conservative decisions. His late start and lack of enthusiasm left me flat then he dropped out. As time went by and I had a chance to start learning more about those candidates they all looked better than any Democrat running. Before the Kansas Caucus I was ready to vote for Mitt Romney. Romney suspends his campaign before the Kansas Caucusís leaving only Mike Huckabee as the only possibility of having a conservative president. 


The key to the Romney announcement is that he suspended his campaign instead of ending it. That gives him the power to throw his delegates to either John McCain or Mike Huckabee at the convention. If Romney is a conservative he will throw his delegates to Huckabee and not McCain. The reason that I say that is, McCain is a maverick. Anyone who has been paying attention to politics knows that nobody likes a maverick. The latest maverick on the Democrat side was Joe Lieberman and he is now an Independent.


The reason that people vote for a president is to choose someone who will do what they say that they will do. As a conservative I want a government that will get out of our everyday lives, lower taxes and get our government back to the fundamentals such as protecting our borders and the sovereignty of this great land. This upcoming election is all about this countryís survival, it is about freedom.


My hopes are for a Huckabee/Romney ticket to go against the Democrats in November.


If the maverick John McCain is elected how long will it take before he has us looking at the right end of a left bound maverick?   




Jim Gibb