Hawaii False Alarm


I think there should be an investigation. Questions should be asked: Was the person(s) who did this have contacts with our countryís enemies? Was there any type of bribe or extortion to cause the person(s) to trigger the event in Hawaii? Was this a TEST our Emergency Alert System (EAS) by our enemies? After all this alert was like standing up in a theater and yelling FIRE! Now the other side of this event (the cover up) Democrats are saying that it is Trumpís fault, HOW? The system that sent the alert is owned and ran by Hawaii.  Hawaii is run by Democrats. David Ige a Democrat and is the Governor of Hawaii and is responsible for the clean up after this disaster. What does the Governor of Hawaii do? He has reassigned the person who did this to another job. Wow, that is really going to keep that from happening again! If it was an accident are there plans to prevent this from happening again? What is the news media doing about this event? The so called Main Stream Media (MSM) didnít even cover the event, Fox covered the event and for now it seems to Fox like it may have been an accident. I think this may have been a political inspired event by the Democrats, you might ask, Why? The Demís have been blaming everything that has happened starting with the ďTrump DossierĒ prior to the 2017 election on Trump. The dossier which so far has been proven a phony, a false political hit job that was allegedly paid for by the DNC and itís supports. The other thing that makes me think that this Hawaii false alarm was a Democrat political event was the fact it was not labeled as a false alarm until 40 minutes after the original message. The launch from North Korea to Hawaii is a flight of 20 to 30 minutes NOT 40 minutes.

Letís face it, this was not an episode of South Park where Cartman puts Butters into bomb shelter this was a real scare with some people putting their children into storm sewers and doing some really bazaar things to try to survive a nuclear attack. I think I still have some friends that are Democrats and think that this kind of craziness is enough to leave the Democrat party.  If you decide to stay with the Democrats I assume you will be supporting Chelsea Manning for U.S. Senator.




Jim Gibb