This year “Freedom” is the key word. We hear everyone saying that changes need to be made or the world will come to an end as we know it. What I think is disgusting is the talk about cutting; retirees benefits, cutting jobs and wages. None of that would be necessary if taxes were cut, government fraud eliminated and “Freedom” restored.

 With “Freedom” comes the possibility of failure. There are protections of failure such as the bankruptcy laws. These laws allow for restructuring without the need of total failure. Government buyouts are not the answer to failure. For example look at the buyout of the auto companies. The reason for that buyout was to buy union votes. There was no effort to protect the bond holders, some of whom were counting on that money for their retirement. By losing the value of the bonds, stockholders lose a voice of how the company is run and they receive income generated by the bonds. And what really makes this suck is the bondholders pay taxes too so their tax money goes into the buyout which does nothing but pay for union votes. If you think that this buyout was not political look at all of those dealerships who lost their business. A lot of them were Republican contributors. With the lesson of government buyouts now learned all that is simply needed is a law to make any federal, state and local government buyouts illegal and a new President to sign it into law*.


“Freedom” is more important this year than in the last 236 years and it is because it’s an election year. So when you are watching the news (especially the mainstream media) check it against other sources and ask questions of your government representatives. Your vote counts. (This year, I hope.)




Jim Gibb



* Laws that restrict government give citizens “Freedom”.