Bret Bair interviewed Mitt Romney on Fox News Sunday today (3/18/12) and pointed out the most important facts (for Republicans) this primary season and that is the “Cost per Vote”. The graphic showed that the cost per vote for Romney was $15.83, Gingrich $7.76 and Santorum $2.28 this according to the “Center for Responsible Politics/ Real Clear Politics”. With the Super Packs help included the differences are even greater. This fact is one that blows a big hole in the theory that Romney should win the Republican vote.  What the Republicans need to be aware of is the “cost per vote” and in this case less is better. President Obama will out spend what ever Republican wins the primary so for the Republican Candidate to win we will need someone whose thinking is more inline with conservative thinking. To make matters worse we already know that all of the major broadcast networks (except Fox) will be focused on getting the President a second term.


The other thing that turned me off about Romney (in this interview) is when he started whining about having to “battle” against: Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and Tim Pawlenty. Really! Battle! I thought this was a race, a race of ideas where the person who has the best ideas and can express them well gets the most people to follow him or does he think that whomever has the most money can buy the Presidency? Besides if he thinks that it was a “battle” in the primary he is no where ready for President Obama. Who Romney is really battling are conservatives. *


Jim Gibb

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Ps. Bret Bair that was the perfect interview.