Another crime today (December 14, 2012) 26 people dead in a Connecticut elementary school, our thoughts and prayers are for everyone suffering this act of evil. When these things happen the hardest thing to do is to try to go on with life. The coward who did this is in hell now and that does little to comfort those who lost loved ones. Evil feeds evil, one wicked act leads to another when no prayers are given to God.

The next evil that hovers after these kinds of cowardly acts is always the threat of gun control.  When a Government collects firearms then no one is safe and freedom is gone. We should never forget that Adolph Hitler was elected to office; collected firearms except some shotguns, regulated ammunitions then went about collecting and killing six million Jews. Hitler continued to spread his power across Europe while joining others of like minds in a war against freedom and against God fearing nations.

It is a correct conclusion that gun free zones attract evil like what we have seen with this and other shootings in gun free zones. Evil can be stopped with freedom, prayer to God and a gun.

Letís put prayer back in school, after all our constitution allows freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.



Jim Gibb

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