When I left work on Friday October 10th 2003 I was ready for a fun and enjoyable weekend. So when I turned on my radio to the news that Rush Limbaugh had admitted to addiction to prescription drugs I was shocked, disappointed and felt betrayed. I am sure that I am not alone in those feelings. I have been a Limbaugh listener since 1989 (shortly after leaving radio myself).


In Rushís statement he said that he was using the drugs to fight pain after a failed back surgery 5 to 6 years ago.  I can understand the use of drugs to fight pain but to become addicted to the painkillers seems to me a bit ridiculous.  I too have had back pain and it has to be some of the worst type of pain I have ever suffered. What I donít understand is why didnít Rush (if he was in such pain) consult another doctor and if that didnít work get an attorney and go after the doctor that botched the operation? There has to be some other course to follow besides having to  turn to illegal prescription drugs. We are told by the government terrorism is funded by the sale of illegal drugs. So why would Rush take the course he did? 


Our government is a representative republic, which is governed by law. So if there is no recourse that Rush could have taken and there is no other way but than to turn to illegal prescription drugs then there should be some laws changed. On the other hand if there is a legal course that Rush should have taken and that he knew about then he should be prosecuted according to the law.  I am not an attorney so I donít have the answers to these questions.  Rush on the other hand comes from a family of attorneys and whose grandfather was a judge.  Rush with his wealth and resources surely could have found another way to deal with his pain.


I am writing this on Sunday October 12th 2003 (while listening to 24/7) and I will be praying for Rush who entered 30-day drug treatment Friday October 10th 2003.


I can only trust Rush that there was no other course he could have taken and I for one will be looking for his return to the EIB microphone.





Jim Gibb