I havenít been writing much this election season because I didnít think that it would really be necessary and I wasnít really that excited about John McCain. That is until Sarah Palin came into the picture.  She is bringing my thoughts and feelings to politics that Washington has seen only represented by Republicans from Kansas (Senator Pat Roberts comes to mind).  Wow to hear her speak and say things that I have been thinking. She is so on target with what she values and holds dear. I am now planning on voting McCain-Palin.

Now for the other side, when I first heard Barack Hussein Obama I thought what a wonderful speaker. I first heard him speak at the Democratic Convention in 2004. I remember thinking if the Democrats would nominate him I would consider voting for him. He spoke of hope and had then a star quality that I liked. I thought he would be someone worth watching. Now that he has the Democratic Nomination I have been looking very closely and I really do not like what I have seen and what I have heard has been worse.

Notice here that everyone is saluting but Barack Hussein Obama the band was planning the National Anthem. To me that showed me that he has no understanding of what saluting the flag means and that is not a problem if you are just an average American but if you are President of the United States that is a very big problem. What else does he not know or understand?

The next thing I heard about was the Pastor of the Trinity Church in the Chicago area Jeremiah Wright who was quoted by many in the news media as saying ďNot God Bless America but God Damn America.Ē  Several times Barack Hussein Obama continued to support him then finally quit the church. That would not have been a problem for an average American but he was a member of that church for nearly twenty years. How long had Barack Hussein Obamaís preacher been saying those hateful things?


We heard about was that Barack Hussein Obama wasnít a Christian but was Muslim. That would have not been an issue except he seemed to be covering up. He also didnít want his middle name being used Hussein. That would not be a problem but then I saw this picture.

What about some of his other associates Senator Ted Kennedy for example, I havenít liked him since he drove off the bridge with Mary Jo Kopectny in the 1960ís. What other associates do we not yet know about?


Then if that isnít enough mocking abuse the symbol of the office of the President still shows me that he has no respect for the office that he is running for.


Well there you have some of the many photos of why I will not be voting for Obama.

Here are some other reasons. He is promising on raising taxes on the wealthy and large companies. Well what he doesnít know is that the wealthy send what money they want to keep overseas or invest it in non-taxable investments. Large companies just include the higher taxes as additional operating expenses and pass on the cost to the consumer. What does that do? Those taxes he wants to raise are collected from the average American like you and me. What does that do for the economy? It makes the American dollar worth less and costs us the consumer more in goods and services.

I know John McCain will not approve of what I have said here because he doesnít want to use Barack Hussein Obama birth name but that is just too bad. Barack Hussein Obama is his name and this average American will not be voting for Barack Hussein Obama.

So Senator John McCain if you donít like what I have written here that is your tough luck this is my editorial webpage and you can go pound sand I am voting for you anyway.



Jim Gibb