2018 Exonerated President Nixon


I could never understand why President Richard Milhouse Nixon resigned; he was someone who made service to our country his life’s work. Nixon had been Eisenhower’s Vice President (1953 to 1961) and was elected President in 1968 then re-elected in a landslide election in 1972. The reason given for the alleged coverup of Watergate break-in was that it was thought that Red China was giving money to the Democrat Party, not legal then or now. Hillary Rodham (now Hillary Rodham- Clinton) was one of the lawyers who investigated Nixon.  Today Hillary is accused of exposing national secrets and placing our country in danger with her personal email server. What about the emails on that server or better yet the missing emails that were deleted from that server? Can there be a tie to the Clinton server that may have given terrorists information about Benghazi? What about the deal with Iran? She did not negotiate the deal but did Iran use information on that server to get the deal they got? What about the military buildup of China, that happened on her watch? Was her reset button given to Russia a signal to move into: Georgia, Crimea, or wherever they choose?

The Republican Party did not offer any cover for President Nixon instead they asked him to resign, which he did. It does make me wonder about the eighteen-minute gap on the Nixon Whitehouse tapes that brought into question the so-called plot for which Nixon resigned.  Was that gap in the Nixon tapes another Hillary scandal? Will today's Democrat actions /scandals exonerate President Nixon in our nation’s history?

In my opinion, on this 105th anniversary year of the birth of Richard Milhouse Nixon, Nixon has been exonerated and higher standards are being set by President Donald P. Trump.


Jim Gibb